Brooklyn Marriage Green Card Interview Experience

2022.01.24 22:09 heiressofslytherins Brooklyn Marriage Green Card Interview Experience

Hi all
Just wanted to share my experience with my green card interview today. USC husband and F1 student myself. Unfortunately, unlike others, I was not approved on spot. Although I was expecting that the officer will approve it however by the time we finished our interview she handed us the paper for "case held for review" and decision will be made in 120 days. My attorney was in the office with us and she asked "is there anything that concerns you about the application" and the officer said "no not at all, 120 days is just procedure and actually I have to finish up paperwork, everything is cool and medical looks all clean. I have 10 other interviews to conduct until 2pm. I will be reviewing the cases and approve it after that" This was at 11am and my case tracker still says "interview is scheduled" I haven't got any update so far. She was very nice, but while she's interviewing us she did not take any notes, instead she was shuffling our initial application package and combining with extra support documents. not sure how she will remember, but anyways. She also took only 1 photo of the huge photo album that we brought and it was the one with our friends at grand canyon. She also said our cats are so cute.
without further ado, here is my timeline and interview questions.
December 2020 - case received March 2021 - biometrics April 2021 - Expedite request on EAD, Combo card arrived by the end of the month December 2021 - interview was scheduled January 2022 - Interview Conducted (no update on case tracker, kinda approved on spot)
first and foremost, she asked us the originals. passports, IDs, marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce decree. at this point we handed her driver licenses and she did not ask my EAD card. after that she said she'll be asking questions and we can reply and jump in so she'll do crosscheck. I didn't have to jump in when my husband answered questions because they were all correct.
Questions for Petitioner USC husband - what is your wife's name? how do you spell it? - What is her DOB? Where was she born? - how did you meet? (he just said dating app and the officer didn't ask any more details?) - what are her parents name? - where do they live? what do they do? - does your wife have any siblings? - what is her brother's name? how old is he? - what does he do? where does he live? - what was your wife doing before moving to the US? - what is her educational background? where does she study now? what does she study? when is the graduation? - what's your current home address? - when did you start living in this address? - when did your wife move in? - where did she live before that? what kind of house, apartment? how many roommates? -where does your wife work? what does she do? (I recently started a new job) -when did she start working there? Where was she working before that? why did she change her job? -is this your wife's first marriage? -does she have any kids?
Questions for beneficiary F1 wife - what's your husband's full name? - what is his DOB? where was he born? - what are his parents name? where do they live? - where does he work? what does he do? (i mentioned the project that he's currently working on and she asked more details, so I replied all well) - where's his office? (they changed the office so I gave her old address and the new address) - what's your home address? - what are the cross streets? - is this your husband first marriage? - did you know he was married before? -what's the reason of divorce? (at this point I also mentioned that by the time we started dating, they were legally separated but the divorce took too long to be concluded) -how much is the rent? (I said the house is his and he's paying mortgage loans of $1700/month) - when did he buy the house? (I said he was already living in there when we first met but he bought the house in 2018)
At this point she said she'll ask me bunch of questions from I-485 that may sound offensive and ask me please don't get offended because it's the procedure, nothing personal. (it was the questions about trafficking and prostitute)
I hope this help some people because I was so nervous and anxious throughout this process and still have anxiety that I will have to wait months for the officer to approve my case. I will edit this post once I get my update in the case tracker.
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2022.01.24 22:09 FloatingTigerDragon Theory thread/community game, but with a twist...

Being inspired by a conversation with my cousin and by the thread on the worst theories that people have ever heard; I have decided to also create a theory discussion thread, but with a twist. The aim is to provide a theory that may sound improbable/stupid/counter-intuitive on paper, but which you legitimately believe will come to pass in the series. Speculations are also welcome. Headcanons may also be posted with justification. Please refrain from memes and joke theories. I'll provide some examples:

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Hi all - I have a B.S. in Psych and soon a Master’s in Elementary Ed. My job experience revolves around teaching and non-profit project coordination. Like so many of us, I realized how much working from home improved my life/mental health in the past couple years (I worked from home in temporary stints but never permanently) - and when I graduate in June with my master’s I want to pursue a job that will allow me to wfh. So I’m wondering, have you felt like this before and made it happen? Or have any tips on positions to pursue given my background? Thank you!
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Rules: choose 2-5 favorite/least favorite names
Name list: Alice Amelie Anastasia Andromeda Annabel Arabella Arielle Artemis Arwen Astrid Audrey Aurelia Aurelie Aurora Autumn Belle Bridget Calliope Cecilia Celeste Chloe Claire Clover Cordelia Elise Elodie Eloise Elowen Esme Evelyn Gemma Genevieve Grace Gwen Gwendolyn Hazel Imogen Iris Isabel Isadora Ivy Journey Joy Juliette June Juniper Lorelei Luna Mabel Maeve Maggie Magnolia Maia Marigold Meadow Melody Mirabel Oceane Odette Opal Ophelia Penelope Primrose Priscilla Rosalie Rose Saoirse Summer Violet Willow Winter Wren
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Quick question, how much Grams of Seed mix should budgies be eating on a daily?
I feed my aviary a daily mix with fresh vegies, I just wanted to know an intake of 8.4 Grams is minimum for their daily intakes.
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2022.01.24 22:09 Varlinwor [Spoilers C3E11] Anyone else having trouble keeping up with the all the story thread?

Maybe it's just me but I feel like there's a whole bunch of things going on at the same time, and each character has their own thread inserted at the same time, that I'm having trouble keeping with all the details and be invested
I feel like even the cast are having trouble trying to remember all the things happening, and there was some ball or something like that that I completely forgot, and for a while they weren't sure why they had to go there either. Matt seems to be trying to converge some of the thread by bringing them to that Heart something place that Ashton employer (I think?) wants them to go to, which sort off to me felt a bit like a forced story thread tie, and even Sam (as FCG) was kinda hinting at that.
I don't know, maybe it's just me and my brain is getting old, but I feel like there's more character storylines being introduced than I can keep up with.
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2022.01.24 22:09 xxsalsa_queenxx Should I stay or go?

So I have been with the same company for over 7 years. Started as a peon, and have changed positions 4 times and am now an HRIS Manager. I have been in this role for 2+ years and have expressed wanting to become director some day. This position does not currently exist, and I was told I would need to show them what that role would look like. Long story short, I feel loyal to this company as they have gave me amazing growth opportunities. The benefits and 401k plan are outrageous. I even have a lawyer on retainer for personal use. And I haven’t paid for a cellphone bill in 7 years. I usually get 10-25% annual bonuses. It’s a pretty sweet gig, but I am unsure that upward growth will happen for me at all. I am also about 15k from my mid pay range where I should be. I also feel super confined with decisions I can/ cannot make. Lots of bullshit politics.
I have a job offer for a Sr. Manager position of HR Technology, 100% remote, making about 42k more annually with 10% annual bonuses. The benefits aren’t as good, and they just went through a HUGE restructure/ divestiture. I am terrified of making the wrong decision and be stuck in a miserable position with no escape. I would rather my current company give me a match but I am not sure that they will. What would you do on this situation? HELP.
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I remember the first season being a lot of introductions and setting up the first conflict of the show, I obviously already know the characters and kind of just want to jump in at the action.
Do you think I should watch a season 1 recap and jump into season 2 or just start from the beginning?
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Hello! I'm looking to purchase and older ryzen cpu, preferably as a combo with a motherboard. Any questions please ask, thanks!
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