Why do we have to work ourselves til death, simply for being born.. having a hard time dealing with this reality 😕

2022.01.24 22:05 gotnocreativenames Why do we have to work ourselves til death, simply for being born.. having a hard time dealing with this reality 😕

We have one life, yet for most of it we have to work 30+ hours a week, come home after the day is over, feel too tired to do anything other than eat and sleep, then repeat, until we get too old to work or do the things we’ve always wanted to do, and then we die, I mean yea in between we make memories but still, for the majority of our lives we spend it just … slaving away, for a company that doesn’t give a shit about us, or a job we don’t really care less for, but we do it because we need money to live, damn it’s so depressing, we miss time with loved ones and partners, for something we just “do” because at some point in history someone’s decided that’s what everyone needed to do, damn what’s even the point in life? I genuinely don’t even want to be alive anymore, I just don’t see the purpose of it
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2022.01.24 22:05 TeamCro88 Current trend and thoughts

I would like to know, how do u feel about Holo Coin now. Did u already give up or is it „just a dip like every other coin“ for u?
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2022.01.24 22:05 Lazytobelazy If you see my team, Please have mercy!!!!

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2022.01.24 22:05 sglassmire Happy 2nd birthday Jazmin and Jezebel!

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2022.01.24 22:05 Supremestcumfish Who loves baths? This dude.

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2022.01.24 22:05 Cade_ar ITAP of the shingler

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2022.01.24 22:05 No-Highlight4050 Thailand

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2022.01.24 22:05 express95er I need some insight, will I go to jail?

Little back story; So I was arrested in November last year in kern county CA for my first and only dui. I have no criminal record, first time being arrested. I ended up submitting to a blood test and resulted in .17 BAC. No speeding /no crash /or any injuries. I spent the night in jail and did like 14hrs in the drunk tank. I already had my dmv hearing and they suspended my license till the 19th of may. I signed up for dui 1st offender classes , got my sr22, and had a interlock device installed in my car already ,just so I can get a restricted license.
My court date was issued on the 10th of December and it ended up getting pushed back till the 23rd of dec. I’m only assuming it was the 23rd because that’s when a bench warrant was issued out for my arrest. Here’s the thing, neither did I nor my attorney receive a notice for the follow up court date. I barely found out last week that there was a warrant because I randomly checked my mail box and there was a letter from the courthouse saying there was a warrant for my arrest (We never get mail sent to our home anymore because of my dog scaring the fck out of our mailman so due to that we have to pick up our mail at the po) So my attorney finally got ahold of the courthouse today and they want me to show up on Friday which I’m going to. My main concern is me getting sent to jail that day, will I?!? I asked my attorney what will happen Friday and he told me not to worry, all thats going to happen is him getting the warrant squashed and me getting another court date.. I really hope it goes that way because I’m lowkey stressing about having to do jail time. Been a rough year maan , has anyone ever gone through something similar ? I just don’t want to go to jail.
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2022.01.24 22:05 jabbadahood Feel good hypocrisy

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2022.01.24 22:05 Dirtysolenya Rain jacket or hardshell suggestions

Looking for a budget friendly rain jacket or middle ground hardshell suggestions. Keep in mind I have never had to actually use one so the frequency of use will be slim. Mainly want it for maybe a tad more wind protection little more layering
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2022.01.24 22:05 originatorsnft ORIGINATOR#5 giveaway🚀 follow IG-ORIGINATORSNFT and DM eth address!

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2022.01.24 22:05 Greendragon1824 Intensidade

Infelizmente, sou um cara que se apaixona com muita intensidade, o que me gera problemas quando sou rejeitado. Eu acabo me trancando no quarto e chorando. 🥺
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2022.01.24 22:05 optionhome Sadly it's not a joke because there is no lie that they will not tell to keep the mental cripples in line

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2022.01.24 22:05 ElectricalToe6766 Do you have any weird player?? I have golden card Isco (80) and Asensio (81)

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2022.01.24 22:05 ThatDabKid Gotta love a new 🕷 drop🧡 The set up just keeps getting better

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2022.01.24 22:05 curlytop143 cramping during the week of my period but no period?

I have a pretty regular period and I always track. i’m 5 days late and have been cramping all week but no period. No chance of being pregnant and just got blood work a month ago from gyno so no pcos. is this normal? this has never happened.
side note: my diet has changed I have been eating fast food a lot recently so maybe that’s it?
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2022.01.24 22:05 cerdomarron Made some chaos magick shirts for myself and a few extra copies to sell

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2022.01.24 22:05 firetown Is there copper in our blood?

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2022.01.24 22:05 SuperStudMufin Have my first salaried job, question about staying late

So I work mostly from home right now, have my first salaried position as a software engineer.
If i’m completing a task, and it takes me, say until 6:30 to complete it, am I supposed to work 9-5 the rest of the week? When I was an hourly worker I would obviously be clocking in and out so I would either leave early sometime later that week or get paid OT.
I also feel like the culture for salaried positions is if you’re getting your work done and showing up to meetings nobody is really gonna question whether you leave early or start late one day.
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2022.01.24 22:05 abodie2 Hermes Defi and Tranquility City - Official Partnership

What is Tranquility City: Tranquility City is an online game developed on the Harmony blockchain where people will be able to interact with each other, have fun and obviously, trade. The economy will be community driven. The team will not interfere with the prices of items on the in-game marketplace. Furniture and other decorations will be bought/traded with the in-game currency (the governance token of the project - LUMEN).
What is Hermes Defi: Hermes Defi is a decentralised hybrid yield optimizer(yield farm and yield aggregator) project that started in July last year on Polygon Mainnet. Their hybrid approach allows investors to both stake assets and earn rewards in $PLTS, as well as locking $PLTS in the bank/treasury, to be paid out in DAI.
Tranquility City Milestones: Approved for Harmony Grant - October 2021 Testnet Launch for the City - November 2021 Began Minting of In-Game Properties - November 2021 Official ICO of LUMEN Token - December 17th, 2021 All Properties Officially Minted Out - January 2022
Hermes Defi Milestones: Live on Polygon mainnet in August 2021 with $IRIS Live on Harmony mainnet in December 2021 with $PLTS Created their own RPC and validator for the Harmony network in January 2022
The Partnership:
Together with Hermes we’ve created a single-stake $LUMEN pool over at Hermes Defi. You’ll be rewarded in $PLTS. To celebrate this moment we will have an AMA in the Tranquility City discord (linked below) with the Hermes team where you can ask both teams about our partnership & projects. During the AMA we will announce the start of this pool. See you then & there!
When? This Thursday at 01:00 (GMT+1)
Tranquility City LINKS:
Website - Docs - Reddit - Twitter - Discord - Telegram - Harmony Universe - Price/Chart
--- --- ---
Hermes Defi LINKS:
Website - Docs - PLTS - Docs - IRIS - RugDoc - Reddit - Twitter - Discord - YouTube - Telegram - Medium - GitHub - Harmony Universe - Price/Chart - PLTS - Price/Chart - IRIS
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2022.01.24 22:05 StunningWinter762 The conception of megacarpus

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2022.01.24 22:05 Accomplished-Age7558 🔥TEEN GIRLS🔥

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2022.01.24 22:05 Spookykinkyboi 🎵 'Cause you make me feel like / I've been locked into heaven / For too long, for too long / Must I just stay here? / Spend the rest of my days here?🎵

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2022.01.24 22:05 LookUpTower7 Won an auction of 1980 Topps.

Won an auction of 1980 Topps. Saw an online auction with some bulk boxes of old cards and decided to look around. Felt like I was on storage wars I guess.
There were some 1980 and 1979 topps. The 1979 had the potential for Ozzie Smith RC's but ended up out of my price range so I went for the 1980s in hope of a Rickey Henderson. When I started looking around I noticed this lot had a Nolan Ryan right on top, which is one of the better hits from the set. I ended up making this my target since it was the only one displaying any sort of hit.
It was suspicious that that it was already open, but maybe someone can explain if that's normal auction procedure. Either way I ended up bidding $200 and winning, wasn't expecting $50 in fees, it is what it is, but hoping to pop it open and find a Ricky or at least some George Brett's. Ill update in the comments with what I find.
Looking for some insight on if the was decent risk for the price. Pretty cool set with a lot of HOFs. Hopefully there will be something inside worth sending in to get graded, could be a fun way to spend a couple hours. Any one else have cool memories from this set?
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2022.01.24 22:05 n0quarters Lighting schedule, intensity, and height question

Is there any optimal arrangement of these 3 or does it all even out in the end and not matter if the same DLI is achieved? I am a new and still learning and have found like others my lights to be too powerful causing issues. I have since adjusted and doing better by dimming and raising up the lights.
Thinking about this though is there an optimal position for these 3 attributes?
For example is it most optimal to run these lights on the dimmer side as close to the canopy as possible 24/0?
Or better to run the lights on the brighter side and raise the height more, possibly switch to 20/4?
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