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Customer service reps, what lies have you told people over the phone?

2022.01.24 23:44 Alicia607 Customer service reps, what lies have you told people over the phone?

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2022.01.24 23:44 gostoednaldopereira The "zoophile" Stephen

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2022.01.24 23:44 Different-Ad4862 [M4F/GM] [Literate] The Lost Prince

Altharen Valkyrie had always been the perfect Prince. From birth, he'd adhered to the rules and doctrines laid forth by his father, The King. With his chivalrous personality and uncommon kindness, he was a Prince of the people... and all had come to adore him as they did no other. While it was true that he respected and obeyed his father, that wasn't to say that he was mindless... indeed, from a young age he'd taken to sneaking out of his bedchambers and into the library to read. He had a fascination with magic and legends that his matron did not approve of... and so this small act of defiance was all he could do to experience such wonder
Now eighteen years old, he had found himself desperate to read more stories and legends from the past... eager to explore worlds beyond his own imagining. Little did he know just how far that exploration would take him. As usual, he made sure to dress fully, on the off chance a guard did catch him... and slipped from his chambers and through the halls of the castle. Before long he reached the library and made his way quietly inside. For almost an hour he combed through the familiar bindings and titles, desperately trying to find one that he hadn't read before... something to hold his attention. That was when he saw it-
This book was black, with a spiraling serpent on the cover. No words offered a title... and when he opened it to the first page, all it had was a warning. "Ye who dare to read from this tome in search of adventure shall find more than thine hearts desire." Confusing though it was, the Prince was undeterred. Flipping through to the next page... and read aloud... "And so our journey begins at last, the warnings ignored, the die now cast... for whomever dare read this tome, shall find adventure far from their home...
As the last word left him... The book began to glow. There was a picture there of a forest... and he was shocked to feel himself being tugged towards it. He couldn't scream, he didn't have time... as before the thought even crossed his mind, he was pulled into the book
When at last he awoke, the Prince was shook. It was sunset... and he was outside, in the same forest he'd seen in the book. He knew he wasn't dreaming... and knowing that magic was real, it didn't take her long to connect the dots and realize what had happened. There was a pond nearby, he made his way towards it... glancing at his reflection to make certain he was unharmed-
The Prince of Elvaria was as radiant as ever... with bronze sun-kissed skin, matched with a mess of curly, ebony hair that framed his cherubic features. His eyes, a pale and unyielding grey, were as captivating as ever. He wore his usual outfit.. A form fitting white tunic with matching pants... and though young, he was surprisingly muscular yet lean for his age. He spoke aloud to make sure all was well... "Well this is a strange turn of events..." and heard the same musical voice that had enthralled so many of his subjects. He seemed well enough to move on... but where? Looking around, he sought any kind of landmark... or a campfire that might give him direction -d-
Greetings, intrepid travelers! My name is 1b, longtime RPer! I've been looking for a literate partneGM/worldbuilder to explore and create a sort of twist on the typical fantasy adventure! Having someone who also wants to take on a sort of psuedo-dm role would also be lovely! There's loads of different avenues to take this and I hope to really mesh well with a partner who loves worldbuilding as much as I do.
Some ground rules:
As always, fun! Fun should be the number one priority between both parties. If you aren't having fun, I'd prefer you tell me why instead of ghosting. It'll help me both improve my RP and setting. Once again, a win-win.
18+ is a must. I find that RP tends to stray towards smut and what have you, and I'm a huge fan of that aswell. In regards to smut, I was hoping for something like a 60/40 split between plot and smut. I want the story to have more mature, overarching themes with smut acing as a backdrop or secondary sort of thing that can be prodded at every once in a while.
Discord is another big must. I love discord in comparison to a lot of other mediums and it's the one I'm most comfortable with.
Literacy, literacy, literacy! I don't incredibly mind post length (barring one liners) as I usually adapt to match my partners in length. However! The bigger the posts, the better.
Those are a majority of the big rules. We'll discuss more of character creation and whatnot if we do decide to start RPing. We can also decide on where the Prince has found himself after being shunted into this strange realm. If you are at all interested, send me a message. I'd love to discuss with you more in private. Add in the word 'Antithesis' in your message, just so that I can be sure that you've read this far.
Stay safe and have a great day!
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2022.01.24 23:44 Wolfsarehere67826 Tolumnia Orchid

Where’s the best place to find Tolumnia orchids? I’ve looked at Hausermann’s already, but I was looking for the “Bloody Bird” or “Carnation” variety.
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2022.01.24 23:44 Independent_Ad_863 ODS note taking

How do they choose who to accept (all they asked was for GPA)? I just wanted to see if I even have a chance of getting it and if it’s worth it (taking 18 credits so I already have a lot on my plate 🥲). Is it first come first serve cuz I submitted it within 5 mins of the email. If anyone has experience being one pls lmk how it was!
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2022.01.24 23:44 victorbalani Vendo meia 25/03

Vendo Lolla Day Estudante para sexta 25/03. Preço de 2020. Sou de SP.
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2022.01.24 23:44 Aodin90 We got lucky last year by making a smart decision to move our cards to solar energy.

Salutations to all,
I had a gut feeling last year that things would get really tough going forward in regards to mining, our farm has around 14 cards mining @ 575Mhs roughly all non LHR at the rates last year before the energy crisis me and my son had been making a really good profit per day after deducting the costs for electricity. Once the energy crisis started last year we saw a huge reduction in profits and our electricity rates went absurd so we used some solar panels to switch everything over ASAP and the set on the roof of our property is about 3500w respectfully, during the light periods of the day our rig mines for free and handles the load perfectly surprisingly. With the current state of mining and the energy crisis profits of course are terrible even with solar but we still are in the green thankfully. We believe the panels are actually covered in crap though after a quick look, once cleaned we hope the efficiency will improve and the rigs run longer as light starts to fade compared to now which hopefully will result in increased profits fingers crossed.
We do plan on expanding the system this year by adding some batteries and popping a few more panels on the roof so we can get some more cards on this however theirs debates ongoing because the cost of doing so would take a long time to recover the ROI would be pretty absurd. We have a nice sweet spot of solar and grid power but mining difficulty and profitability could get worse which would force a purchase we think of the batteries or the cards would be sold regrettably this has pretty much been our hobby and thing to do since 2016 and we worked for everything we have up to now, both me and my son have learned a lot through the years it has been a fun learning experience hopefully it lasts a while longer.
We would love to hear stories from others regarding solar panel setups or smart ways of offloading the cost in countries that have high costs of electricity.
Thanks for taking the time to read, kindest regards.
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2022.01.24 23:44 Objective_Bottle9078 CODE THAT’LL WORK hAGxnoT

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2022.01.24 23:44 dreamingofhope Idea for my next playthrough.

So we all know how Europe ends up when you don't play in it. It has been a phenomenon I have experienced several times. However I've started to become curious about the exact opposite. What happens with America if you don't touch it.
I was thinking of playing one of the 3 main colonial powers: Spain, France, ir GBR and just ... not touching America at all or even looking at it for most of the game. Try to prevent the other two from doing it as well with conquest.
I'm curious who will end up creating colonies instead and what sort of wacky interactions it could generate. However, is there anything I don't know of that'll create problems with this idea? Like would the other nations aside fron Portugal not create colonies even with the competition gone?
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2022.01.24 23:44 laurjayne this behemoth of a fiddle leaf fig

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2022.01.24 23:44 Libtard-Destroyer69 EDP letting people comment on his posts plus he's active again.

What are your thoughts on edp letting people comment on his insta again? There's a lot of people actually giving the man support now and he isn't addressing almost anything about what happened. You think he just played the waiting game and won? Or do you think he's about to get banned again soon? I honestly don't think he cares and is still up to the same shit but he's just more careful about it. I think his DMs are open again too I'm gonna see if he'll message me back or something. Anyways comment your thoughts on what you think he's up to because he obviously isn't doing that bad in life if he's just vibing like this.
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2022.01.24 23:44 Pretty_Humor9256 16 devices running on a 300/200mb residential Fios connection in Mid-Atlantic area earning ~ $6-7 day

16 devices running on a 300/200mb residential Fios connection in Mid-Atlantic area earning ~ $6-7 day I'm not sure why it was delayed but my first earnapp payout was over $13
Since then I've added more nodes, mostly in the form of virtual machines. I've got some old machines with i5 cpu, 8GB ram running proxmon and load the boxes up with ubuntu server virtual machines running 2 cores and 3gb ram.
Yesterday was a good day, bringing in over $7.50 in 24 hours... today, I added another node but I'm getting less usage overall (see 2nd pic)
any tips on how to max it out more?

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2022.01.24 23:44 jmend17 I did a two trip for $14 and some change but when I was done it wasn’t added to my account. Is this normal?

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2022.01.24 23:44 VexxoExxo mmm

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2022.01.24 23:44 DapperDame89 Found this little guy at peddlers mall and can't seem to figure out an age and maker. I'm thinking napco or inarco. I've tried running it through google but no luck! Any ideas? None the less I'm happy to add it to my kitschy collection.

Found this little guy at peddlers mall and can't seem to figure out an age and maker. I'm thinking napco or inarco. I've tried running it through google but no luck! Any ideas? None the less I'm happy to add it to my kitschy collection. submitted by DapperDame89 to vintage [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 23:44 Ok_Permission71 Help, my watercolor painting is ripped.

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2022.01.24 23:44 CarbonCofee To all dog lovers: Do you think Tesla should modify Dog mode display as: My “hooman” will be back soon instead of “owner”? It uses b**thole and b*tt in the voice command, using dog lingo would be ok too.

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2022.01.24 23:44 MsVxxen Not The market Response Desired

Not The market Response Desired Here are futures at present (6:40 pm past):
Negative :(
Here's how we closed the day:
Positive :)
And black swan ditties like these are not helping:
Got Surprises? :(
We'll see if this turns around, but keep your eye on it as you trade in the wee wee hours et al.
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2022.01.24 23:44 Familiar_Big3322 c h a r l e s . b u r n s

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2022.01.24 23:44 Abject_Action5001 ...

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2022.01.24 23:44 _kiminara /whatsthatsong Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.24 23:44 Aidan7400 Cursed_murder

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2022.01.24 23:44 lil_pucker Goddammit Gilman

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2022.01.24 23:44 Madame-Eggshell I finally did it

Almost a year ago I was at my worst, not far from wanting to end it all, but I couldn’t bear the thought of my family finding out their daughter was suddenly gone with no evidence as to suggest why. I had posted here asking if I should tell my mother, and how scared and devastated the idea of it made me feel. Recently I finally was able to go abroad to see them after a long pandemic period- me and my mum were talking about some of our collective family problems from our past. She then said “the only reason small things shake you up so much is because you’ve been fortunate enough to not have anything really bad happen, you haven’t learnt to brush things off or get stronger”
And I just snapped, I lost it, it wasn’t out of a need to be close, I had heard this before from my brother “what do YOU even have to stress about?” And again from my mother a couple summers back “other people have real problems, your friend’s mum had cancer but look at her! Living her life! Why won’t you leave the house are you crazy?”
And I just snapped. I told her, I told her “actually I have had bad things happen that you don’t know about” and THAT was her first guess- she thought she could start from the worst and most extreme so she could rule it out. But it was true.
And now I’ll quote some of the things my mum said to me after finding out her daughter was r-worded years ago:
“Are you sure?” “Did you sleep with anyone else apart from that?” “Well then if it wasn’t by choice it’s not a sin! Don’t worry about it” “No I’m not saying I’m glad it wasn’t consensual, I’m saying if you were purposefully having sex it would’ve meant you’re too far for me to reach” “Are you sure it went in?” “Did you bleed?” “Do your friends know?” “Do their mothers know?” “I told you not to spend any time alone with your boyfriend” “This is my fault I couldn’t protect you” “We can’t tell your father, he told me ‘if anything happens to that girl, you’re responsible’” “This has actually made it so hard to be around your father, I tell him everything” “Yeah so in a way I wish I never knew”
It was pretty heartbreaking, because I heard a lot of the things I was scared to hear. Yes, I was lucky I wasn’t disowned, or blamed...
And it hurts to think about some of the things I heard, but I took it as an easy out. I was always described as the difficult or crazy one in the family. And I just, it’s nice for her to think I have a reason for the way I am. It’s my excuse, it’s my “Leave me alone for a moment there’s too much going on” without having lack of sympathy.
I’m not allowed to tell my brother either, or any of my relatives. Or family friends.
I spent those weeks comforting and reassuring my mother when I’m barely together enough to live, acting harder than I ever have to look well.
In my religion you’re allowed to kill your r*pist, but it wouldn’t fix a damn thing in my life. As if it’s any consolation.
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2022.01.24 23:44 SouvlakiPlaystation SD Card Causing My Infotainment System to crash - 2017 CX-5

My CX-5's infotainment system worked without issue up until 3 months ago when out of nowhere it started crashing. Usually what happens is I'll start the car and the system will try to boot/crash continually for 5 to 10 minutes before stabilizing, though sometimes it takes a good bit longer.
I tried removing the SD card and the problem instantly went away, though of course this means I don't have built in maps now. For what it's worth this is the old school, non Apple system and the navigation is brutally crappy, but I'd like to have it anyways since I spend a lot of time in areas with no cell service.
So far I've tried updating the card on my laptop (the map I have is from 2015), though Mazda wants me to pay $80 for the newest map, which is beyond annoying. I'm not even sure if that would fix the problem. I've also seen Mazda SD cards from sellers on Amazon, though I'm unclear on whether I would have to "buy" a Mazda map for those anyways. Has anyone dealt with this issue? I'm coincidentally taking my car to the dealership next week (giving it one last check up before the five year powertrain warranty runs out), though I have a feeling whatever solution they offer will have at least two zeros at the end of it : I
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