Looking for help with no friendly fire on mission achievement (Xbox)

2022.01.24 22:24 CharlieTrees916 Looking for help with no friendly fire on mission achievement (Xbox)

Been trying to do it with bots, but I think they just as wacky as random. Need a hand please.
GT Charlie Trees
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2022.01.24 22:24 epicgamer776 Michelangelo’s David (trying to improve my art, any feedback is appreciated!)

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2022.01.24 22:24 Resecle Oculus Air Link quality extremely awful (PC Bad)

My PC doesn't meet the qualifications to use Air Link.
Except using a better GPU, is there a possible way to get better quality of Air Link?
I want to play ROBLOX.
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2022.01.24 22:24 RoundAlternative1106 "The moon" or "the goddess of the moon "?

In Plato Cratylus 409a,b the word is " σελήνη " should it be considered as "Moon" or " the goddess of the moon " And what is a literal translation of " σελήνη "?
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2022.01.24 22:24 TheLastPotatoOnEarth The superior option

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2022.01.24 22:24 Electrical_Hawk_ Electrical Engineer - Amazon

This is my first reddit post...ever.
I hope it's okay to ask career questions here! That being said, has anyone here ever worked for Amazon as a hardware engineer? I have been an EE for 3 years now and I have an interview with Amazon in a few days. It seems most people dislike working for FAANG companies but I have yet to hear about the hardware side! I'm hoping someone can share thier experience.
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2022.01.24 22:24 giantjigle How can fix this

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2022.01.24 22:24 International-Cow770 hmmmmmm logic

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2022.01.24 22:24 Diakia Casual commander is the most toxic format

On the front page right now we have posts about guys who got pissed off that someone didn't disclose hidden information in their hand, and a guy who got mad that he basically had lethal commander damage on board and players dealt with it. We get multiple posts like this like every day, and honestly it's such a shitty part of the format.
Casual commander players are always such cry babies about literally everything and it's what turned me off the format and switch to cEDH. Most cEDH players will just go "yeah nice, that was cool" and shuffle up for the next round when someone wins, or they'll go "yeah fair enough, i would have won if you didn't do that" in response to a counterspell or removal
Casual commander is just a cesspit of poor communication, sore losers, people who get pissed when you do something other than durdle for 15 turns and overall the most toxic format in Magic the Gathering.
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2022.01.24 22:24 intothemadverse Tattoo and Accutane ?

I started Accutane about a week ago on 20mg dose and I have a tattoo booked for 29th, which would make it 11 days on the meds, do you think it’s safe to follow through with the tat, it’s on my arm.
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2022.01.24 22:24 Magister31 M15 R5 Time Spy score dropped nearly 500 points

So this is a bit of a puzzling turn. I was able to get my hands on an IETS high velocity laptop cooling pad today. I decided to hook it up and see how much improved my cooling could be underload. While the pad works, when I went to test in Time Spy, my score went from over 10650 to under 10200 which is a tad worse than when I got the laptop in December with the slower type of RAM. I cannot for the life of me figure out what has changed. Anyone else dealt with a drop in scores? What am I missing?
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2022.01.24 22:24 Weekly_Ice_166 UP/LOOK COMMENTS

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2022.01.24 22:24 StateoftheYo US Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno (R) Talks Lordstown Motors on Podcast

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2022.01.24 22:24 West-Front8422 I wanna go on leave I been working long hour shifts ,I got symptoms of covid but I’m working long hours so it’s hard to get tested . Every spot is closed every time I get off .Is it possible to get a paid leave without the test ?

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2022.01.24 22:24 theanxiousdamsel If I was allowed to have only one red lip in my collection…

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2022.01.24 22:24 TheFlame4234 Nuke

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2022.01.24 22:24 imthinking52 Pollo Asado

Does anyone know when Chipotle plans to officially roll out the pollo asado? I work at Chipotle but I drove to a different Chipotle that was in the market for testing it and it is probably the best meat we will probably ever sell.
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2022.01.24 22:24 Prudent-Conflict7216 Download Poll Pay to earn money with surveys. With my code you will receive a start bonus of $0.25! VX7XTVP7G9!

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2022.01.24 22:24 Bunny2023 Finally getting medicated again and I could cry! (With joy)

He didn’t even make me get labs before he prescribed as I already had a history. I mentioned how I’ve been diagnosed before on multiple occasions but keep getting some doctors who dismiss me because my TSH was normal that specific day. I nearly cried about how my hair was falling out, how I felt so tired all the time, and how my face puffed up in the mornings. I still have to do a “before” lab to get an idea of where my health is before treatment and then monitor it but I felt so validated and so relieved. My husband pushed me to go after he kept running his hands through my hair and kept pulling out clumps of it. He isn’t normally one to say I’m sick and sometimes thinks I’m over dramatic but he is finally realizing I’m not. He said he’s been looking at my face and noticed my facial puffiness was NOT just “fat”. He said he was getting really concerned. So I did it. I got past my fears of being told “Are you sure you’re not just fat” and started advocating for my health. I’m so relieved. I’ve felt so bad for so long and kept telling myself it was normal.
Well it’s not. It’s not normal to only be able to function with ridiculous amounts of caffeine. It’s not normal to lay in bed all day. It’s not normal to not have to energy to cook food. Its not normal for your hair to fall out in chunks. It’s not normal to have your face, hands, and feet swell up. It’s not normal to feel cold in the summer when it’s 90 degrees out. It’s not normal!
Sorry for the long story/rant. I just feel so much better knowing someone else can see it too now.
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2022.01.24 22:24 Low_Asparagus_518 Finally🙏😊♥️15k power

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2022.01.24 22:24 Sniping_Smith [WTS] Nightforce Unimount, 34mm 20MOA | $130.69 [MN]

For sale is a used Nightforce Unimount (1.44”, 34mm, 20MOA). Mount has been used, but the only notable marks are on the knobs and some slight discoloration from witness marks with a paint pen.
I’m asking $130.69 shipped to your door, which is about half off MSRP. I accept PayPal, Venmo, and ApplePay. Feel free to ask any questions!
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2022.01.24 22:24 DwightNAngela What part do you think Zooey Deschanel was offered?

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2022.01.24 22:24 EatingFaces Been working on boning my kick flips

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2022.01.24 22:24 Temporary_Path771 Touch joystick..

Anyone else having issues with the joy stick not responding? I will literally hold it to left and my car doesn't move sometimes. I started noticing this a few days ago. Was there a update?..it's almost unplayable now.
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2022.01.24 22:24 mustzen This is The Content I Signed Up For

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